Komen Foundation Stupidity

So the Komen Foundation is the latest to go after Planned Parenthood. Before I go further, let me acknowledge that it is completely up to the Komen Foundation what organizations they give their money to. It’s also completely up to me to say that their decision to pull their funding to Planned Parenthood is completely idiotic and disgusting. It’s also politically motivated and has absolutely nothing to do with saving lives. If they wanted to save lives, they would keep sending money to Planned Parenthood so they can keep providing services to women who have no other place to go for their cancer screenings. I don’t understand the American right-wing obsession with trying to destroy Planned Parenthood. It’s completely void of any common sense. They invent figures to support an idiotic argument, all at the expense of people who depend on Planned Parenthood for essential care.

This is all because Planned Parenthood also happens to offer abortion services. A perfectly legal service, by the way. You’re against abortions? Good for you. No one is forcing you to get one. You also can’t call yourself pro-life. Nothing about pulling Planned Parenthood’s funding is saving lives. The argument you are trying to make when you support a move like this is that it’s ok to sentence hundreds or perhaps thousands of women to a death sentence to protect something that is not even alive yet. Why does that make sense to any of these people. Why are these women’s lives worth so little? Is it because they are women or because they are poor? Is that why their lives are expendable?

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

You can donate to Planned Parenthood here.


Update: The Komen Foundation has reversed its decision. I love the internet when it enables people to push for positive change.


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