Don’t Trust In God

For all those who ask “What’s the harm in religion?”, you have to watch this YouTube video. It’s two hours long, but completely worth your time. It’s a series of interviews with religious people (mostly christians) and atheists about religion. I was particularly appalled by the portion of the film where the interviewer asked people if they would kill someone, their own child possibly, if god asked them to. Way too many of them said yes. When asked how they would know it was god, most answers were along the lines of they would just know. Wow. Just wow.

I always find it surprising that christians constantly say that we should be tolerant of their beliefs and accommodating to them. Yet they are never inclined to be accommodating to any other view but their own. How can they be that blind to their own hypocrisy? It’s also hilarious that many of the christians make fun of the beliefs of other religions. They think that other peoples’ beliefs are far-fetched and stupid but their beliefs are what? Completely rational? Give me a break.

I am grateful the filmmaker interspersed the movie with interviews of atheists and humanists. It was the only thing that prevented my head from blowing up.

Also, homosexuality is worse than slavery because the bible says so.

The stupid. It hurts.

Via The Friendly Atheist


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