People Against Abortion Rights Can’t Say They’re Pro-Life

Dr. Jen Gunter posted an enlightening story about an abortion gone wrong a couple of weeks ago that I only got around to today. It is horrifying and heart-wrenching at the same time. It’s short so you should go over and read it. It’s the perfect example of the consequences of this crusade against abortion rights.  All these people claim to want to protect life but they are always more concerned about a collection of cells not yet resembling a person than about the woman. Why is it that her life is not worth protecting? Why is her life expendable? How can you have the nerve to say you are “pro-life” when you know your actions are causing a desperate woman to risk her own life?

I’m appalled, disgusted and really just incredibly sad that this is what we’ve come to. What is wrong with society that we don’t value this woman’s life? We should do better.


6 thoughts on “People Against Abortion Rights Can’t Say They’re Pro-Life

  1. Truth is, pro-life is protecting unborn children AND women. Abortion not only takes the life of an innocent child, it takes a vulnerable, scared woman and harms her further. At first, abortion may sound like the right way to go for many women, but find too late that it was the wrong choice. Women deserve better than abortion-they deserve better than Planned Parenthood. There are alternatives to abortion that women sometimes are presented, so they go after the first plausible option. Planned Parenthood doesn’t care about women or children-they care about money, plain and simple. It’s devastating what happened to this woman you are posting about, but the entire situation wouldn’t have occured if she hadn’t had an abortion in the first place. Women deserve to know exactly what they are doing when they have an abortion, and to be presented with other options.

    • The so-called pro-life position does not protect women. The woman I was posting about didn’t end up in the hospital because she had an abortion. She ended up in the hospital because she had to have a back-alley abortion because people who think like you are making it almost impossible for women to get safe abortions in a controlled medical setting. Abortions performed by doctors in Planned Parenthood and hospitals are very safe. They are safer than carrying a child to term. And believe me, women know there are other options. Sometimes, it just so happens that the BEST option for them is abortion. It should be up to the woman to decide that. Not you.

      • Pro-life does protect women. Not only that, but it protects children also. No situation should call for taking the life of an unborn child. The answer is not to make abortions legal and all of that, it’s to show women that abortion is never necessary. Also, I cannot see how abortions can possibly be safer than naturally carrying a child to term. Abortion has risks such as breast-cancer, sterility, and emotional risks like suicide and depression. Protect women and children by being pro-life.

        • Who are you to say that an abortion is not necessary? Again, the only person who can ultimately make that decision is the woman in question, with the help of her doctor and any friends and family she chooses to consult. Also, just because YOU can’t see how abortion is safer than carrying a child to term does not make it any less true. You are using the usual  talking points from the anti-choice movement by inventing abortion side-effects that don’t exist. So, while abortion does not increase your odds of getting breast cancer, pregnancy does. No ones forcing you to get an abortion if you don’t think it’s right for you. You shouldn’t get to force someone else to bring a child to term if that’s not right for them. That’s the point of choice. Also, law and science are both on my side, not yours.

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