It Might Not Get Better

This video is just so sad because once again, it shows how much religion can cause pain:

I keep wondering how people can still cling to religion after it’s brought them such pain. I just don’t get how you can still align yourself with your religion and belief system when it makes you feel like you are less than a person. Someone needs to explain that to me. Please.


2 thoughts on “It Might Not Get Better

  1. You make a great point and somedays I wonder why I still am a Christian. The simplest explanation I can give is my faith in God is far more important than myself and my own desires. As a Christian, I don’t feel any less of a person because I am living my life for something greater than myself. While it can be a painful place at times, especially not being accepted by both the LGBT community and the church, the struggle I have gone through has made me a stronger individual who can relate to the pain that others encounter. Most would call us crazy though…

    • I don’t think I would call you crazy. My question was sincere and I appreciate your trying to answer. I just don’t understand why someone would put more importance on a belief than on their own self worth.

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