It Might Not Get Better

This video is just so sad because once again, it shows how much religion can cause pain:

I keep wondering how people can still cling to religion after it’s brought them such pain. I just don’t get how you can still align yourself with your religion and belief system when it makes you feel like you are less than a person. Someone needs to explain that to me. Please.


Cardinal Withdraws Apology for Sex Abuse

File this one under further proof that the catholic church is utterly full of itself. A cardinal has just withdrawn his 2002 apology for the way the catholic church handled the sex abuse scandals:

In an interview this week with Connecticut Magazine, Cardinal Edward Egan, withdrew his 2002 apology for the Church’s handling of the sex-abuse scandal, which was once read in all New York parishes.

A decade after that letter, the former archbishop of New York, and former bishop of Bridgeport, now describes the handling of the priest-abuse crisis under his watch as “incredibly good.” He said of the letter, “I never should have said that,” and added, “I don’t think we did anything wrong.”

Wow. Just… wow. It amazes me that they think they did nothing wrong. Then again, it probably shouldn’t amaze me. These people think they are above the law. They are convinced that the rules of society don’t apply to them because they are better than everyone else. Part of the problem is that we let them get away with it. Prosecutors should be lining up to take the abusive priests to court and hold them accountable for the damage they have done to countless children and their families. They should also go after all the others in the church who kept quiet and did not report the crimes to authorities. In all I have read about scandal after scandal, I don’t recall reading about anyone getting charged, either for the crimes themselves or for protecting the guilty.

That’s the problem. When the church does this and no one punishes them for it, it sends the message that they can keep doing it and it’s ok. How many times were priests moved from church to church after they had molested children just so they could have a fresh start and do it again? Just think how many children could have been spared if these people had been stopped at the first instance. This is a consequence of us not being willing as a society to call out religions on the things they do wrong. We don’t want to criticize religion because it’s not politically correct. It’s not acceptable. Oddly enough, it seems to be more acceptable to let kids get traumatized just so we can spare antagonizing the church. That is absolutely unacceptable in my book. It should be unacceptable to everyone, including the catholic church. If the church had any morals, they would be the first ones to condemn the actions of the molesters and the ones who protected them. But of course, they don’t. Because they are in it just to protect their own interests. They don’t care who gets hurt as long as it’s not the church.

This is yet another example of religion being harmful. I use to be one of those people who thought that everyone should just live and let live. The problem is that the religious are actually causing harm. They kill kids when they refuse to take them to the doctor because they want to pray for them instead. They oppress women by refusing them access to contraception. These sex scandals are just another notch in religion’s belt of harm.

These situations make me even more angry because one of the comments I always get when someone finds out I’m an atheist is: “How do you know the difference between right and wrong without religion?” The cardinal retracting his apology make me wonder how anyone religious can tell the difference between right and wrong. They certainly don’t have good role models and there are not nearly enough religious people denouncing these kinds of actions. I still don’t understand for the life of me how there are still catholics in the world. I just don’t understand.

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Don’t Trust In God

For all those who ask “What’s the harm in religion?”, you have to watch this YouTube video. It’s two hours long, but completely worth your time. It’s a series of interviews with religious people (mostly christians) and atheists about religion. I was particularly appalled by the portion of the film where the interviewer asked people if they would kill someone, their own child possibly, if god asked them to. Way too many of them said yes. When asked how they would know it was god, most answers were along the lines of they would just know. Wow. Just wow.

I always find it surprising that christians constantly say that we should be tolerant of their beliefs and accommodating to them. Yet they are never inclined to be accommodating to any other view but their own. How can they be that blind to their own hypocrisy? It’s also hilarious that many of the christians make fun of the beliefs of other religions. They think that other peoples’ beliefs are far-fetched and stupid but their beliefs are what? Completely rational? Give me a break.

I am grateful the filmmaker interspersed the movie with interviews of atheists and humanists. It was the only thing that prevented my head from blowing up.

Also, homosexuality is worse than slavery because the bible says so.

The stupid. It hurts.

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